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All About Fascia: Keeping Your Connective Tissue Healthy

All About Fascia

Have you ever had pain or discomfort you couldn’t identify, or lingering tightness and tension that you just couldn’t shake? Have you ever wondered why techniques like foam rolling can “hurt so good,” or why a massage can trigger an intense emotional reaction? The answer lies in understanding fascia – the thin sheath of fibrous connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve, artery, and organ in the body.

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Five Ways to Increase Happiness Through Fitness

Increase Happiness With These Additions to Your Fitness Routine

“Life is what you make of it.” “You are responsible for your own happiness.” Sounds familiar, right? We are often told to take happiness into our own hands, but that’s easier said than done. My advice? Start with your fitness routine, where a few simple practices have a huge affect on your overall happiness. It’s…

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Be Hip with Hip Health

boat pose and variation

The Cycle of Life As time passes, bodies deteriorate. It’s a fact common to all living organisms. Me, you, the plants in the garden, and all the animals living in the wild. There comes a point when time gets the upper hand. In humans, our joints are often the first things to go. They get…

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Baseline Benchmarking: 5 Must Do’s

fitness must dos

When you decide it’s time to dive into a fitness program, it’s important to test initial benchmarks and understand your baseline. How does the mobility in your hips compare to your shoulders? Should you focus on improving your cardio-respiratory endurance or developing your body composition? If you don’t assess you baseline and understand your starting…

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The Truth About Tabata

Unfortunately there is a theme in the fitness industry that when something works, the natural tendency is for professionals to recommend people do more of it. This is a theme that many would agree is ingrained in America’s society. It’s just like what we’ve been brainwashed to believe regarding our food. If whole grains are…

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Dressing Your Active, Curvy Body

When you think of dressing to workout, do you worry your body is too curvy to look good in workout clothes?  Here are a few little pointers on how to look great in active wear and feel comfortable, even if you have curves! When you are purchasing workout clothing, look for quality and durability!  You…

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Deck of Cards Travel Workout

The object of the game is to conquer all of the cards in the deck within a reasonable amount of time. If you are short on time, cut the deck in half or complete as many as you can within your allotted time. You can also invite spouses, significant others, family members, business peers or…

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Spirituality and Fitness- Unleashing Your Inner Fearlessness

The environment of your mind is key to unleashing your inner wellness warrior.  Inner reflection and spiritual conversations are presently taking center stage in many fitness studios worldwide.  A workout naturally uplifts the spirit and is a great moment for soul searching. While the relationship between exercise and spirituality is becoming immeasurably widespread, finding spirituality…

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