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Oh My Aching Knees!

close up of man grabbing knee in pain

As you get older, the slow march of time takes its toll. There’s no getting around it. Your body works hard all day every day. When you’re young, you work, you play, you exercise, you relax—for the most part, you go through life without thinking about your knees. But a lifetime of walking, sitting, standing,…

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Be Hip with Hip Health

boat pose and variation

The Cycle of Life As time passes, bodies deteriorate. It’s a fact common to all living organisms. Me, you, the plants in the garden, and all the animals living in the wild. There comes a point when time gets the upper hand. In humans, our joints are often the first things to go. They get…

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Age or Decay: Regular Exercise Makes The Difference.

walking for fitness

It is inexplicable that our society, plagued by soaring medical costs and epidemics of obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer, cares so little about these things.  The simple fact is that we know perfectly well what to do.  Some 70 percent of premature death and aging is lifestyle related. Heart attacks, strokes, common cancers, diabetes,…

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Nurture Fitness Adherence with Nature

wilderness walk for fitness

Our society seems to have become ingrained with a habitual commitment to the gym as the choice for fitness workouts.  However, science advocates endless benefits to establishing a regular physical activity regimen involving the outdoors. When engaging in activity outdoors, we stride differently, adhere for longer durations, blast more calories, boost our “Vitamin H2” (aka.…

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7 Reasons to Take Hydration Seriously

Next to air, water is the most important physiological need for the human body. You can only go a few days without water. Think about those days when you just don’t seem to drink enough water, how do you feel? If you’re wondering where the sleepiness, headaches and nausea come from late in your afternoon…

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Age With Grace: Strengthen Your Core.

Mobility loss and misalignment progressively occur as a part of the aging process. The goal of physical fitness then isn’t just to gain strength, but also to improve flexibility, range of motion, joint alignment and proprioception. Standard strength training methods of solely isolating a particular group of muscles is nowadays deemed ineffective and obsolete. The…

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