5-Star Wellness Retreat

Emotional and binge eating education

A Week that will Change Your Relationship with Food

End yo-yo dieting • Feel better in your body • Enjoy food again

No one should be ruled by food or preoccupied with yo-yo dieting.

  • Have you felt out of control when it comes to food?
  • Are you sick of dieting?
  • Do you use food for comfort?
  • Is it time to love your body again?
  • Are you anxious around food?
  • Does food take over your life?

At Skyterra, we believe you should be able to feel comfortable in your body. That's why we offer an expert team of licensed therapists and registered dietitians who specialize in disordered eating patterns to help you feel confident and like yourself again.

Stop dieting and reclaim your relationship with food.

Here you’re not just a number. You’re the whole package.

Fewer than 8 guests

It's hard to feel comfortable in a big crowd. That's why we cap our Freedom With Food weeks at no more than eight guests so you can receive the personalized attention and care you deserve

10+ featured classes

With so much conflicting dieting advice it can be difficult to know what choices will serve you best. That's why we offer evidence-based classes and experiential workshops from licensed therapists and registered dietitians who specialize in disordered eating patterns. Additionally during your stay you'll be invited to choose from a wide array of yoga, fitness, recreation and education classes to bolster your health and wellness journey.

Improve confidence around food

Gain confidence around food with guided, mindful eating experiences, meals prepared by chefs, nutrition education from registered dietitians, and meal-planning workshops

We understand it's not about the food. Reset and uncover the root of your struggle in a supportive environment and surrounded by caring experts.


Therapists and registered dietitians who specialize in disordered eating



A team with a combined 30+ years of experience



Guests like Rachael tell us, “The best thing about being at Skyterra is dropping the diet mentality and instead, thinking about the food that gives me energy and makes me feel good."

No matter what lifestyle change you seek you'll be well supported and never judged.

     Five‑Star Reviews

5-Star average rating from guest reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook. Video testimonials on YouTube.

The diet industry doesn't have your well-being in mind. We do.

If you're like most people, you're so busy you forget to take care of yourself. By slowing down at Skyterra, you reset, build new habits, and improve your relationship with food.


Your wellness is our mission

At Skyterra we know you want to feel in control around food. In order to do that, you need to break the cycle of overeating. The problem is that dieting has failed you which makes you feel hopeless. We believe your life shouldn’t be ruled by food. We understand knowing how to eat can be confusing in today’s diet culture which is why we have an expert team of licensed therapists and registered dietitians who specialize in disordered eating patterns.

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Skyterra has been nominated for USA Today's Best Health and Wellness Resort 2019