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An Introduction to Self-Care

Introduction to Self-Care

Scroll through social media and there’s a good chance you’ll see someone pampering themselves in the name of self-care. So what exactly is self-care? Is it an indulgence or a necessity?

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Steps to improve your body image – without changing your body

Body Image

Summer is here! The long sunny days bring picnics, cookouts, beach trips, vacations, bike rides, and all kinds of outdoor adventures. But it also means bathing suits. Shorts. Sundresses. Skimpy clothes. And that can make us want to fast forward to winter and burrow into a giant sweater. It’s an understandable impulse! We’re bombarded by…

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Webisode: 6 Stages of Change

6 Stages of Changes

Spring is a time for change.  At Skyterra, we see many guests who have a strong desire to make significant changes in their lives.  However, they don’t give themselves enough time to solidify these healthy habits to ensure lasting change.  So how do we make change last? Let’s start with discovering which stage you relate…

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Webisode: How to Expand the ALL OR NOTHING Mentality

“I’m an all or nothing person.” “I like things black and white.” We’ve all heard phrases like this, and perhaps it’s you saying this. Other examples of this all or nothing thinking sound like, “I go all the way or don’t bother.” You’re right, or you’re wrong. It’s either this way or that. And it…

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I am ready for Forest Bathing, are you?

forest bathing

Imagine if your doctor prescribed a specific amount of time in nature when you were feeling depressed? Doctors do this in Japan where it’s a cornerstone of health care, and healing referred to as Shinrin Yoku. This simple practice translates as “Forest Bathing,” and is now catching the attention of Americans everywhere because of the…

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Webisode: The Importance of Sleep

Importance of Sleep

Join Skyterra’s Director of Integrated Wellbeing, Kate Hannon, for a webisode examining this fundamental human need, sleep. Explore some possible habits that are getting in the way of your sleep and ways you can begin to practicing good sleep hygiene. The Importance of Sleep   You know how good it feels when you awake refreshed,…

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