5-Star Wellness Retreat

Our Staff

We are passionate about living fully

When it comes to sustainable weight loss, we understand that you must be grounded in the earth, yet always reaching for the sky.

“Go forth under the sky and listen to the earth’s teachings.”
– Empowered by Skyterra

The Skyterra Way encompasses five elemental layers. These layers represent our earth: a well earth. An earth that nurtures renewal. An earth that fosters rejuvenation. And an earth that nourishes sustainable wellness on every layer and at every level. The layers of our earth that embody the Skyterra Way, include: Stress Management, Fitness, Nutrition, Vitals and Community.

The people who created Skyterra are passionate about living fully.  They are more passionate about only one other thing: guiding others to live more fully.   What does living fully mean?  It means optimal health built on scientific principles: intuitive eating, whole foods,  sustainable exercise that fits into your life, and building a strong body, mind, and spirit. It means integrating wellness into  your daily life.

Who We Are

Teresa Ostler
General Manager

Teresa Ostler, RN BSN, has worked as a pediatric nurse since 1979. Her passion in nursing is helping children and their families stay safe and healthy.

Amber Shadwick
Director of Program Development

Amber Shadwick is a nationally recognized fitness and wellness professional who holds high reputation in the weight loss and fitness industry.

Jeff Ford
Fitness Director

Jeff Ford is the former Director of Operations of the Conviction Training Facility (CTF) in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Kate Hannon
Director of Wellness

Kate has worked in the mental health field for over fiften years. She is dedicated to helping individuals who take that courageous step towards change.

Ellwood Crowell
Director of Recreation and Adventure

Ellwood was born and raised in Utah. Fostering his love for adventure, Ellwood enlisted in the United States Navy and served on active duty for five years.

Michael Vess
Culinary Director & Executive Chef

Michael taps into his years in the restaurant industry to ensure that each Skyterra visitor enjoys a nourishing, memorable dining experience at every single meal.

Lindsay Ford
Registered Dietitian

Lindsay Ford is an impassioned and experienced Registered Dietitian. She guides guests toward an innate understanding of how food feeds both the mind and body.

MacKenzie Ostler

MacKenzie values the essential balance between mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.